Birthday Wishes For Lover

So probably it is a loved one’s birthday and you still do not have a clue about how to woo him/her and what gift or method would be apt to wish. It is never easy to decide what gift should be given to someone. A person seems to be confused till the last moment and at times even after buying a gift is not really too confident if what has been bought is the best one or not. Trust this! There is nothing better a gift than blessings and good wishes to someone. How about sending a beautiful greeting card this time to your best of friends with all the blessings and wishes that you have stored up for him/her in your heart? More than expensive gifts, it is the true feelings that you have for a person which would be able to have a stronger effect upon the receiver. Cards as well play a part of savior given that you personally cannot be present to wish someone happy birthday. Supposedly the receiver lives far away then this remains as the best and safest option when it comes to wishing. Since meeting that person would not be possible so it is in the cards that you can write your heart out and express feelings.


Every year your birthday brings new desires in my mind and heart; and also prays for your long happy life. Happy birthday to you my Love

You would be looking too much pretty on this birthday and among all people how I will express my feelings to you, this heart always longs for you. Happy birthday to you

Birthday is time to celebrate and distribute love with each other and my love for you is eternal, wish you a great birthday. Happy returns of the day my love.                         

Happy Birthday Wishes

This short life is to pass among the people whom you love and like and your birthday always provides me these happy moments, wish you a lovely birthday. Happy birthday to you

The scene of our meeting on birthday gives new romantic ideas to my mind; I wish it would be your birthday each day and night. Happy birthday to you
Each New Year gives a new soul to our love; your birthday is very dear to me, my love I wish you live thousand years. Happy birthday to you

The most ideal scene on your each birthday is when we are alone sitting in a candle light and cutting your birthday cake with our both hands, I wish to go on looking at you throughout night. Happy birthday to you


If all of my dreams could true, I would like to just sleep as you are in my dreams all the time.

Happy Birthday My Love


If I have only one choice to live two days, I would wish you love me one day and the other day I will love you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Heart


On this day I want to assure you that you are the only one for whom I feel inside. I really love you.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Dear


I have been hurt so many times by you but on this day I am so much happy and don’t feel anything bad, May you have all the joys you want.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day


May you have all of the successes and achievement you want in life, I am always with you in all circumstances. Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday To You


Your heart is doubtful about me but I keep your everlasting love with me, I thank God for the day He sent you from the heavens for me.

Happy Birthday Sweetie


I have a relation with you that ends with my life. You will stay my friend and lover forever. May you lead all of your life happily with me as you are today!

Happy Birthday Dear


This is your first birthday in my love. I have only one wish that may I spend all of your birthdays with you with so much enthusiasm, passion and love.